Thursday, January 27, 2011

Peterborough, up and coming.

I've said it for some time now, Peterborough isn't a half bad place to be. You can be downtown Toronto in about an hour and a half yet we are far enough away that we have our own identity.

Check out this article Yahoo posted about Canada's top 5 up and coming cities. Five up and coming Canadian Cities

"Peterborough, O.N.

If you ask the multitudes of touring Canadian bands which urban hubs have surprised them the most along the road, Peterborough is likely to come up consistently. The city has in fact grown to become its own uncanny, modest basin of culture. Home to a folk festival, Trent University, a multitude of galleries and recent audio gem The Burning Hell, Peterborough would certainly make an easy, relaxing escape for those feeling stuffy on Toronto’s congested scene."

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