Tuesday, March 11, 2014

More Show Coverage

Thanks to local arts journal Trout in Plaid for this write up! Check it out:


Art Times Three

I was fortunate enough to have Steve Guthrie from Peterborough's CHEX Newswatch come by to check out my show, and get me on the news!

This past Friday night March 7th was the opening of my latest solo show. The turnout was better then I could have expected, and we got some great local coverage. Thanks to Liz Fennell, everyone who came out, and everyone who helped spread the word.

‘The Significance of Insignificant Matter’ is on at Gallery in the Attic Upstaris in the Roy Studio Flats at 140 ½ Hunter St. in Peterborough until March 29th. If you’re in the hood check it out.

Here’s a statement I put together for the show:

In our physical universe extraneous particles of matter are organized by invisible forces to become the objects which form our reality. Similarily making art is the act of coordinating individual materials to construct a meaningful piece of work. In the case of the latter this transformation from erratic bit to object is abetted not just by the laws of physics, but by the will of the artist.

In my imagination I’ve constructed an alternate reality. The things I physically see, read, do; nature, beliefs, culture, social interaction, rock and roll, cartoons are all put in to a mental blender and the product is an odd illustrated world populated by strange characters, and their warped mythology. This inner universe is my reaction to the world around me, and has evolved to represent my own personal philosophy of sorts.

As an artist I’ve been able to bring this place out of the plane of my imagination and share it by forming this collection of objects that provide it with a physical representation in this world. Globs of acrylic paint, chunks of wood, canvas, bits of data have all been brought together to craft a window in to that alternate universe which had previously only existed in an invisible dimension. Each singular object an important bit of the puzzle which has come together to become, “The significance of insignificant matter.”

Art Battle

On February 20th I had the opportunity to participate in Art Battle Peterborough. Art Battle is a competitive painting event that is gaining steam across Canada. I have to admit that at first the idea didn’t appeal to me. 20 minutes to make a painting; that’s crazy! I can spend weeks just sketching out a concept. Eventually I came to terms that this wasn’t about making a masterpeice, and all the other artists were in the same vote I was. This was about having fun, and fun it was. Chris, Morgan, and Jamil from the Art Battle team were great. It was a really social event too, and I got the chance to meet several lovely fellow artists and art fans. I made it to the final round, but lost out to the talented Nicole Cooper. If Art Battle comes to your city, and you get the chance sign up. It’s a good time. Check out more at; www.artbattle.ca

Monday, August 5, 2013

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Work - Artspace 50/50

These firtst couple works were experiments. Just playing around with a spraypaint/acrylic combo on plywood panels I'd made up. I like the way they turned out but they don't fit in with my current project so I'll be putting them up in the Artspace 50/50 art draw.

I made these up for the 50/50 as well.

The 50/50 is the Artspace artist run centers annual fundraiser. A $100 ticket will get you in to the draw for a work of art from piles of great artists. For all the details, or to get a ticket go here: http://artspace-arc.org/content/5050-2013-follow-yellow-brick-road