Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Lost Theory

I’m personally not so into television, I may watch an hour or two a week. This apparently makes me an exception to the norm that becomes harshly evident when conversation shifts to last weeks Bachelor, who is going to win Survivor this season, or my personal pet peeve the Lost theories.

So after watching a few episodes at my girlfriends request I came up with my own Lost theory. I think it is pretty good, unfortunately nobody will listen to me because I haven’t invested enough of my life into the show to be taken seriously by the mega Lost fans, so I’m just going to blab about it here.

The most popular belief I have heard so far is that the island is purgatory. This doesn’t really make much sense to me, I’m not an expert on the subject but I’m pretty sure purgatory isn’t known for time travel and secret underground labs.

What makes more sense to me is that the island is surely on earth and the inhabitants of the island are quite alive. The cause of all the anomalies is the Dharma initiative which is in my opinion loosely inspired by the real life Large Hadron Collider, the 27km long underground particle accelerator on the border of France and Switzerland. The LHC is set to carry out physics experiments including those that hope to prove the big bang theory and investigate string theory which proposes that there are other dimensions beyond the known ones of space and time.

There are both opponents and champions with differing opinions of the LHC. I think the dramatization of the differing ideas surrounding this real science create the basis of the different aspects of the show.

First as with any new technological advance you have the dooms day types that believe it is going to destroy the world. These beliefs are exaggerated from the possibility that the LHC would generate huge amounts of energy, microscopic black holes and worm holes inside the device. As the dooms day idea would go these could somehow escape from the LHC. A black hole could destroy the earth. Huge amounts of energy could escape causing disturbances in the atmosphere, maybe crashing planes? Worm holes would create portals making possible travel through space and time.

Then there is CERN, the organization that runs the LHC and happens to be credited with inventing another giant technological phenomenon in current history, the world wide web. CERN is a multinational establishment of thousands of scientists and engineers representing 580 universities and research facilities and 80 nationalities all underground researching nuclear physics. That is great material for a conspiracy theorist and a good model for a secret organization that works in a hole in the ground on an island trying to hold in some mysterious energy source.

Of course there are the old school religious crowds that are a little worried about the scientists proving the big bang theory and unlocking other such mysteries of the world that could disprove their god theory and they are obviously lobbying to have the LHC shut down. But now we have this new breed of “creation scientists” who have realizing that fighting science was a losing battle and are now twisting scientific theory and traditional religious thinking to try and meld the two once opposing forces in an attempt to keep God relevant. I have heard some creation scientists try to work religion into string theory, proposing that heaven and hell exist on the other dimensions that we cannot yet see and if the experiments are successful the LHC may expose these other dimensions and therefore prove that heaven and hell exist. Good and Evil that once existed in unseen separate dimensions uncovered by the Dharma initiative? Sounds to me like the shit that is going on, on that island with these mysterious characters, black vs. white, etc.

Not convinced, whatever, I’m starting to feel like an uber nerd even writing this so I’ll quit. But check out these out;

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